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Laundry | Whirlpool | AWZ480

whirlpool laundry AWZ480

10kg Heavy Duty
Vented Tumble Dryer

• Drying Capacity: 10kg / 22 lbs

• Drying Type: Vented (a vented dryer needs somewhere for the venting hose to go)

• Venting Position: Rear (for easy discharge of the hot damp air)

• Drying Method: Uni-directional drum action

• Sensor Drying: It electronically assesses the exact moisture level and ensures accurate drying results, prevents overdrying and excessive energy consumption

• Time: 110 mintues (the maximum time fabrics can be dried)

• Final Cool Cycle: for reducted creasing and easier ironing

• Intermittent Tumble at End of Cycle: for reduced creasing and easier ironing

• Number of Drying Temperatures: 3 (different drying temperatures for greater flexibility)

• Wide/180 degree Opened Door: Wide (for ease of use)

• Easily Accessible Filter: easily accessible filter for faster, simpler cleaning

• Airing Cycle: give dry clothes a boost of freshness

• Reversible Door: left of right hand opening

• Energy Efficiency Grade: C (graded on a scale of A-G)

• 6.05 kWh/cycle energy consumption: this indicates the power or eletrical consumption of the appliance. The lower the figure, the less electricity it uses.

• Audible end of programmed signal: lets the user know immediately the cycle has ended, minimising creasing & making ironing easier.

• 64 dB noise level: the lower the value, the quieter the appliance

• 96.5 H x 68.6 W x 80 D

• Accessory: Pedestal (optional)

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