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Laundry | Frigidaire | LCE 756BS

Washer Features

• 11 Wash Cycles: 4 Regular Cycles, 3 Permanent Press Cycles, 1 Pre-wash Cycle

• 4 Wash/Rinse Temperatures: Hot/Cold, Warm/Warm, Warm/Cold, Cold/Cold

• 3 Position Water Level Control: Large, Medium, Small

• 2 Spin Speeds, Self-cleaning Lint Filter

• Bleach Dispenser

• Safety Lid Lock

• Spill Saver Top

Scratch and Rust-resistant Compartments

Dryer Features

Flowing Heat Drying System

• 4 Cycles Selections: Regular, Permanent Press, Knits/Delicates, Air Fluff

• 4 Heat Options: High Heat, Medium Heat, Low Heat, No Heat

• 3 Auto Dry Cycles

• Press Saver, Cycle End Signal, Lint Screen


Scratch and Rust-resistant Components

Quick clean lint screen makes it easy to maintenance dryer to the top quality dryer.

Flowing Heat Drying System

Flowing heat drying system allows the heat flow over and cover wider area which reduce drying time.

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