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Small Appliances | Kitchen Aid | 5K5SSWH

5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl
10-speed control

325 Watt Motor: delivers the power to handle the heaviest mixtures, and mix large batches easily.

Rugged All-Metal Construction: deliver many years of dependable, quite service.

2-piece Pouring Shield: fits around the top of the bowl and prevents ingredient splash-out. The chute makes it convenient and easy to add ingredients.

Tilt-back Mixer Head: allows for easy access to bowl and beaters. A lock lever holds the mixer head securely in place and the bowl fastens tightly to the base.

10-Speed Solid-State Control: allow the user to select the right speed for the mixing job; from very high to very slow stir. It's easy to select the precise speed needed for a perfect mix.

5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl with Ergonomic Handle: big enough to handle large batches of heavy mixtures. Ergonomically designed handle is contoured to fit the hand and makes lifting the bowl more comfortable.

• Includes Flat Beater, Dough Hook, and Wire Whip

• Power Hub for Additional Attachments

Unique Mixing Action: the beater spins clockwise as the shaft spins counter-clockwise; moving the beater to 67 different points around the bowl. This unique mixing action creates a thorough blend of ingredients and eliminates the need to rotate the bowl.

• 13.9” H x 8.7” W x 14.1” D

• 27.9 lbs

Flat Beater
Dough Hook
Wire Whip
Attachment Pack

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