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Garbage Disposal

Our new GE disposers have a powerful grinding action that reduces food waste to small particles, making them safe for any properly sized septic system. The new insulation package assures quiet operation. Hardworking, quiet and easy to install, it's easy to see how the new GE Disposall? will fit into every kitchen.

How the Waste Disposer Works

Food wastes are fed into the disposer through the sink drain opening. The wastes fall into the grinding mechanism and are shredded into particles small enough to be floated away by the water. Generally, the fatter the disposal, the more quietly it will run, although you need to make sure that the disposal you choose fits comfortably under your sink.

What the Disposal Grinds

The disposer will grind almost all items of food waste. Naturally, some items require less time to grind than others. Items such as animal fat, skin and hard bones take longer to grind than vegetable parings. Mixing different types of waste will improve grinding efficiency.

• Heavy Duty 1 HP Motor

• 2800 RPM Grinding Action

• Hopper Capacity 907g

• Quietpower III Sound Insulation Package

• 15 lbs.

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